Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food, Glorious Food

My dialysis blog could easily turn into a food blog.  It seems like the majority of what I think about these days is what I'm going to eat, what I can eat, how to make things taste good without salt, etc.  The other day, I made my first attempts at making salt-free bread.  I made a loaf of french bread and a loaf of white bread.  Both turned out pretty well.  I'm also starting to experiment with using a bamboo steamer.  Today, I steamed a chicken breast with rosemary, garlic, onion powder and black pepper.  It was so good and juicy!  I'd never steamed chicken before, but I think it's now my preferred method.  I put some of the chicken between two slices of my white bread and had a yummy sandwich.  :)  I love sandwiches, but I can't eat lunch meat any longer.  Well, none that I can find.  There are no-salt lunch meats available, just not anywhere near me.  So, I'll make my own.

I'm still managing to not put on much fluid between treatments.  This past weekend I put on a little over a kilogram. Someone reminds me every week how important it is.  One of my fellow patients had a horrible time yesterday -- major cramping!  It was the worst I've seen someone.  He had put on over four kilos over the weekend.  You get to know everyone's business in the dialysis room.  I mentioned that lack of privacy before.  This guy sits two or three seats away from me, and I know how much fluid he put on!  My fellow patients probably think of me as the girl who threw up.  :)  You lose some modesty in this kind of setting.

My phosphorus level was too high according to my most recent labs.  I've had to increase to taking three binder tablets with every meal.  I'm not sure why it went back up.  I've been taking my binders and trying not to eat high-phosphorus foods.  Maybe three will do the trick.

Now . . . what's for supper?  :)

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