Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Need to Talk About Your TPS Reports

If you're familiar with one of my all-time favorite movies, "Office Space", you know all about TPS reports.  For those of you who aren't, Peter forgot to put a cover sheet on his TPS report despite a memo which was supposed to remind him to do it.  He then has about five different bosses, and even his friends, question him about what happened with his TPS reports.  Plus, he gets at least one extra copy of the memo in case he didn't see it.

Well, according to my latest labs, my phosphorus level is too high.  I was told this last week by one of the nurses.  My response, "I'm not sure why it went up.  I'm taking my binders.  I've cut out high-phosphorus foods.  I take them while I'm eating (which is important), etc."  She told me to increase the amount of phosphorus binders I take with my meals to see if that would help.  Later that day, another person remarked on my phosphorus.  I gave the same story.  On Tuesday, one of the technicians asked me about my phosphorus, and later, the person working on me that day asked me about it.  Today was "report card" day.  It was my first one.  We got a list of all of our lab scores.  It's the same lab work from last week.  My phosphorus level was brought to my attention a few more times.  Later, the dietitian walked in the door, and I knew I was going to get it again.  I wanted to scream, "YES, I KNOW MY PHOSPHORUS IS TOO HIGH.  I'M TAKING THREE BINDERS EVERY MEAL NOW.  YES, I KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS."

This has also happened to me with people discussing all of my dialysis options.  "Has anyone talked to you about peritoneal dialysis? Transplant?"  Over and over again.  This was just after I started doing hemodialysis.  Every time someone asked me about it, I wanted to scream, "YES, I KNOW MY OPTIONS".

Almost comical.  Somewhat annoying.  I understand that they're helping me, keeping me informed, wanting the best for me.  And I do appreciate it.

Maybe I'm just having "a case of the Thursdays".  :)

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