Thursday, March 21, 2013

In Memory of TM

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow patient at the clinic died.  She was 66.  I last saw her on a Friday.  We always spoke, "hello", little wave, "how are you", etc.  She had to go to the hospital over the weekend, and then she died on Monday.  Her chair was empty when I arrived Monday, but I didn't think too much of it.  We had yet another schedule change, so I thought maybe she left before I got there.  However, later in the afternoon, the looks and whispers started between the staff.  I knew something was up, so I asked.  I wonder if they would have told me if I hadn't noticed.  Would I have just thought she was going in the mornings now?

I wonder how her husband is coping.  He brought her to treatments, and I spoke with him actually more than her.  He's a friendly guy, always teasing me about stuff.  I know his heart is broken.

There's an obvious loss.  Not only an empty chair, but the loss of two friendly faces in a place where you need all of the smiles and laughter you can get.

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