Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Starting the Day in Tears . . . Not a Fun Way to Wake Up

Yesterday, I had my pre-op visit for my surgery next week.  Everything went well.  The people were very nice.  In all of my interactions with the dialysis clinic, my new gyno office, this new (to me) hospital, I have encountered nothing but really nice, helpful people.  How is it that a bad interaction with one person can just send me over the edge?  First thing this morning, I called my nephrologist's office to ask them about clearance for my surgery.  One of the nurses at the dialysis center told me to call them, that they were used to those requests, and would know what to do.  Well, the person I spoke to this morning was nothing but rude to me.  She scolded me for not starting this earlier (started last week), told me that I should have gone through the dialysis center (did), basically went off on me and then hung up.  I managed to tell her that I didn't appreciate how rude she was to me, before she hung up on me.  Then I just burst into tears.  I've been crying most of the morning.  I decided to write some to help process it.

Boyfriend came into the room to find me crying and took over.  I let him.  I have realized that one of his strengths is jumping in when I am at my weakest.  He straightened it all out.  Bureaucracy and bullshit overwhelm me.  He has a way of cutting through it all.  It's hard for me to let someone take care of me, but I did today.  I hate being such an emotional mess.

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