Friday, November 4, 2011

General Stuff . . .

Dialysis has been kind of rough this week.  Tuesday I had low blood pressure the entire time, and felt queasy and lightheaded.  I also had a small infiltration of my fistula, which I didn't know until a bruise appeared later that day.  Then yesterday, I had to be stuck three times, and my arm started swelling some and ached the whole time.  It's still a little swollen.  I've also been feeling like the life is being drained out of me.  The doctor increased my dry weight yesterday.  If they've been pulling too much fluid off of me, it might explain why I've been so tired, having such low blood pressure, etc.  We'll see how this goes.

My mom has had to stop going with me to treatment.  My dad isn't doing too well, so she's been staying with him.  I miss her.  It made treatment go by quicker when she could sit with me for an hour or so.  And we used to go to lunch together most days.  But there's also something to be said for driving myself -- some independence.  My independent self doesn't like driving so early in the morning, but I manage.

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