Friday, September 9, 2011

Hospital Revisited

Wow, what a week!  Today, Boyfriend and I ended up taking Mom to the hospital.  Yeah.  She had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack).  Some people call them mini-strokes, but that's not exactly accurate.  She had an episode in which she couldn't remember a chunk of time, didn't know what day it was, didn't know that it was my brother's birthday, etc.  I thought she had had a real stroke, but she didn't have any of the outward physical symptoms of one.  Her blood pressure was high when they measured it at the hospital.  She's never had any problem like this before.  She was back to herself before we left the hospital, and she was able to come home tonight.  She's been super stressed lately.  Besides her worrying about me and my kidneys, my dad has also been sick.  In addition, she was laid off from her job of over 30 years about three months ago.  She tends to take care of everyone except herself, and I was afraid this day would come.  I'm just glad she's doing okay, and it wasn't a full out stroke.

She tried to say she was going to take me to dialysis tomorrow morning.  Fortunately, Boyfriend's sister has volunteered.  I'm still a little too new at this to feel comfortable taking myself.  Maybe next week, we won't have any hospital visits.  We are all exhausted.

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