Monday, August 29, 2011

TB or Not TB? That is the Question.

The above title is the joke in my family that always follows someone having a coughing spell.  Well, today, I learned that I don't have tuberculosis.  I had to be tested prior to being accepted at the dialysis facility.  I guess it's pretty important not to expose a center full of kidney patients to TB.  :)

I also learned that I will be going to dialysis Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, instead of MWF, as I thought.  At first, I was disappointed with this news, but I'm not sure that it really matters.  All of the days of the week seem to run together.

Today, I took some positive steps toward my new lifestyle.  I've read that most dialysis centers are kept very cold.  Although I am normally hot-natured, I imagine that sitting in the same spot for 3-4 hours with a sleeveless shirt on could get pretty cold.  So, I bought a really plush throw that is sherpa on one side and a rich, deep purple faux-"mink" on the other side.  I also bought a couple of small pillows and a lap desk.  I received a Kindle as a gift this past Christmas, so I'll have plenty to read.  I can catch up on all of those classics I never read.  :)  I hope that I'll be able to use my left hand while receiving treatment, so I can type, play games, etc.  My boyfriend suggested that I get a "dialysis duffle bag" to carry all of my stuff.  I'll take his advice, and make it something fun as well.  I'm trying to buy things that are fun and make me feel good, instead of just being practical.

A former psychologist of mine once told me to treat myself as I would treat a friend.  I had a tendency to "beat myself up" over mistakes, etc.  I'm trying to use that same philosophy in this situation.  If I had a friend who was going to dialysis, and she needed a blanket, I wouldn't just get her some practical, boring blanket.  I would get her something pretty.  I need to be kind to myself.  I tend to get mad with myself, impatient, frustrated with my broken body.  Maybe if I'm kind to my body, it will return the favor.  At the very least, I'll have a few nice things that will lift my spirits.


  1. Allison, I'm glad to see you're looking at this in the most positive way possible!