Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A "Big Gulp"

I heard from the dialysis center today.  Well, first off, I need to explain something.  I live in Noman's Land.  :)  The dialysis center which is the most convenient to me is under the direction of a different nephrology group than the one to which my nephrologist belongs.  My nephrologist is 50 miles east.  The center is 26 miles west.  The nephrologist associated with the center is about 70 miles southwest.  My new nephrologist wants to have an office visit with me before I begin dialysis, so I have to do that next week.  The start of dialysis is delayed again.  I'm kind of glad, but I don't feel like this office visit is necessary.  I was originally told that the doctors would see me at the center.  At least the new doctor is near the beach, so my boyfriend and I have decided to make a little overnight beach trip out of it.

I want to share a really good web site with those who are interested in learning more about kidney disease and dialysis.  It's  It's new to me, and so far, I've found it to be very helpful.  I read through the module on nutrition and fluids.  I finally had something give me an approximation of how much fluid I will be able to drink once on dialysis.  Everyone is different, but the estimate is 36 oz. of fluid per day.  36 oz. per day.  I could drink 36 oz. right now!  A "Big Gulp" is 32 oz.  I knew that this would be one of the most difficult things about dialysis.  I would rather drink than eat!  The site gives tips on how to quench thirst, which I will try.  I have at least another week and a half to enjoy drinking as much as I want.  Maybe I'll even get a "Big Gulp" when we go to the beach.  :)

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