Saturday, February 25, 2012

Positive Change!

So, a lot has been going on since I last wrote.  Boyfriend and I are moving into our own place -- at the beach!  We're still in the process of settling in, etc., but I've already started dialysis in a new place.  You can't really take a break.  :)  The clinic I went to was huge!  You couldn't have a conversation with someone if you wanted to.  The people were really nice, and everything went well, though.  I had to drive about 50 minutes to get to this clinic.  I'll only have to do that for two more days.  I'll be changing to a closer clinic on Friday.  It's only about a 10 minute drive, and it is a smaller clinic.  I had to wait for my insurance to change before I could go to the closer clinic.  I hate all of the bureaucratic crap.  My private insurance is ending this month, and I'm having to go on Medicare.  I still haven't heard from Medicare, so I'm kind of in limbo.  And Medicare doesn't cover everything, so I need to find a "gap" plan, and a drug plan.  It's all so complicated and kind of overwhelming.  My social worker at the last clinic was pretty much useless, and the insurance person wasn't much better.  I feel like I'm on my own.

Besides all of that . . . I'm excited about our move!  We're on our own, and starting a new phase of our lives. Boyfriend has started a new job and seems to like it.  The area we're living in encourages walking and biking. We're going to get bicycles and start getting more active.  Hopefully with more activity, I'll lose some weight and be able to get on a transplant list at some point.  We're hoping that the positive change in our environment will produce positive changes in our lives overall.

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